CoachBaby Session #1

Just got off the phone with Steve Denyes, the musician I’m working with in Derek Sivers new program, which I’m calling (without any authorization at all) CoachBaby. 😉

Great talk with him today, just getting the lay of the land of his music, his business, and where he wants to go with it. Also laying out what I do, and hopefully figuring out where I can help him improve his business. He has a bunch of great stuff already lined up, the base on which I think he can build an even better business. ~3000 families on his mailing list, ~300 live shows a year, ~10,000 units sold (physical) in the last 5 years. Pretty good numbers I think, and ones that certainly can be pushed up higher with some smart work.

Next week we’re going to dig into a little “competitive” analysis, some new media ideas, and ideas on turning his mailing list/fan base into worker bees for him. Fun stuff! And soon you’ll be able to hear us chatting away on mp3.

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