CoachingBaby thoughts

Some thoughts on this coaching program experiment Derek Sivers is running:

  • I’m so excited by the thought of this happening, being recorded, spread around the world, and commented upon – such an opportunity for learning (on my part), critique, confirmation, and also the opportunity to move the independent artist forward – to further drive the self-driven.
  • How easy some folks think it is to “make it”
  • How hard some folks think it is to “make it”
  • The physical body has become part of the marketing of many many artists portfolio. . .and I’m unsure of what i think about that.
  • The “dream” still lives. . .
  • How many people still don’t realize how fundamentally the music industry has changed, and how that both opens up new opportunities and at the same time closes old paths.
  • How although the music industry has fundamentally changed, some gatekeepers remain the same, but the keys to their gates have also changed.
  • How much I think I can help artists through even one or two coaching sessions, just orienting/re-orienting them to the new industry, new realities, etc.
  • Great line: “Coaching is a science. Music is an art. If the business scientist in you can develop the business artist in me, then we can bridge the divide between art and science. I can think of no project more worthy.”
  • Marketing Music is unlike marketing anything else in the world. Passions, emotions, and feelings are involved to such a deep and unconscious level that rational thoughts, and (even irrational) sales-pitches may not be enough.
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