picking a “coachee”

wowza, this will be a quick, but a fun update. a few weeks ago, Derek Sivers approached me (via email and this blog’s comments) to participate in a coaching trial he is running. the deal is this – i coach someone for 8 weeks, we record the conversations, and post them online for other folks to learn from. so now i’m in the process of sifting through >470 coaching applications. somewhat tedious, but very interesting, and always amazing to see the passion that independent artists bring to their life and world.

thankfully, derek extended the deadline from tonight until tuesday, so i can actually read more of these applications and think about which “coachee” i think i can provide the best experience for, and from whom i can learn more about myself as a coach. stay tuned. . . i’ll be blogging this experience as well as recording it.

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