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I was both psyched, envious, and motivated to see this page a few weeks ago. If you don’t want to click thru, basically, this is the home page of Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. As you might know, he recently sold CD Baby to DiscMakers, which, depending on your perspective is a good/bad/insane/etc thing. Anyway, he is offering his services as a Music Career Coach, Music Marketer, and generally as a helper of musicians. Exactly what I do!

I was psyched to see this because his being in this space helps me crystalize my thoughts around what I’m doing, what I want to build towards, and what is possible. It also introduces the concepts of what I’m doing to a larger audience, so that I don’t have to spend hours or days explaining what I do and why it is valuable.

I was envious because he has this all laid out, and has a huge obvious client base. That, and he just sold his company, so that he can take the time to build up a client base without having to give up a day job, or take a huge financial leap.

And finally, I was motivated. Motivated to overhaul my site, to clarify my work, to refine my client base, and to keep doing this work I’m doing. I had been thrown in a bit of a tailspin a while back after someone told me that ideas aren’t valuable, and that people won’t pay for just ideas. However, I know this to not be true, and know that what I’m doing is more than just ideas – it is about clarifying ideas, about choosing projects, about making intelligent business that are also integrity-filled artistic decisions, and so much more. Reading Derek’s page, and then meeting with the father of a friend locally who does this work internationally has sharpened and fed this motivation.

So watch out, a creative catalyzer has just been fired up even higher and brighter than before!

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