About this Site:

This is a (barely never updated) WordPress Blog, I’ve also been experimenting with Medium.

As with any of my personal digital representations, this site contains my OWN thoughts and opinions, not those of my employer or anyone else.

About Me:

More about me on some other sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, my Spotify listening. Flickr (love this, but haven’t been shooting as much with my DSLR so these are mostly older), Blogger (older blog entries), Facebook (I haven’t been active here for ~2 years).


Erich is a Senior Product Manager at Indigo Ag, creating digital solutions to improve farmer profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health across global markets.

Prior to Indigo, Erich worked in the intersection of music + tech (most recently on the Product team at Spotify), and previous to that in training, building and organizing communities. His work at Spotify included foundational metadata and content moderation projects. His work in labor organizing took him to variety of locations including Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Seattle.

As a mashup of these worlds, Erich approaches product management by examining product outcomes. He digs into questions of who benefits (and who is excluded) in the customer bases of products, and how those products can assist in creating inclusive, equitable and culturally relevant outcomes. He likes to start these examinations from the digital dirt – the data architecture and metadata specific to a product – as he believes that decisions made at this level cascade throughout digital product experiences in unexpected and consequential ways.

When he’s not trying to change the world one line of code at a time, Erich is a father to two amazing children, the partner to an amazing creative human, and enjoys actively experiencing the world with them.

My Band! 

My Love!


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