About this Site:

This is a WordPress Blog, so expect random blog-gy thoughts – my OWN thoughts, not those of my employer or anyone else. Most likely it will be a continuation of the blog I originally started on Blogger (and actively used from 2003 into 2010 (with a peak in 2007) – it was especially good for blogging while on the road) and then continued here. I had a slight diversion to Drupal while I worked at Acquia, but now I’m back to WordPress (for better or worse).

About Me:

If you want to know about *me*, then psychoanalyze my posts here and/or check links such as LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook (I’m prone to on/off use of this one), Twitter, or my Spotify listening.

I used to more actively solicit consulting work on this site, however, at this point I’m happily fully engaged with work, band, family and a few select advisory roles. If you’d like to speak with me about an advisory role, please get in touch and be patient with expectation of a response.

About Me, the Bio version:

If you want how I present myself (as opposed to the links above which show me as I am), check out the two versions of my bio below. The professional one, and the artistic/organizer one. Cue internal dialogue… “Am I a man or a muppet?”


Erich grows and manages communities, businesses, and networks in the business and artistic worlds. With experience ranging from technical start-ups to labor unions, and an underlying passion for music, dance and the arts, Erich is excited by the overlap of technology and society, especially as it relates to community organizing, learning and individual empowerment.


Erich is part of the Product team at Spotify (having been part of The EchoNest from 2012 until acquisition by Spotify in 2014). At The Echo Nest Erich worked on core data challenges, expanding product offerings, extending our global understanding of music, and improving the digital experience for music lovers the world over. That work continues at Spotify, now just for 75M+ monthly users globally (updated numbers are here). Prior to the Echo Nest, Erich ran Learning Services for Acquia, managing and growing a global partner network, and managing curriculum development for Acquia’s training partners and the Drupal community.

In other roles, Erich has grown and managed businesses and partner networks for start-ups and publicly traded companies. With over ten years experience in tech start-ups, and a background in labor and community organizing, Erich is excited by the overlap of technology and society, and the opportunity to push the edge of new modalities of learning. Erich holds a Bachelor of Science (in Biochemistry) from Brown University.

My Band! 

My Love!


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