CoachBaby Update/General Thoughts

Wow.  So it has been a crazy bunch of weeks. I had of course intended to blog about my sessions with Steve, but life got in my way. . . A little recap/peek into my world the past couple months:

October 9 – First coaching session with Steve. Purchase & Sale agreement on a condo completed by me & my wife and the sellers of our condo

October 15 – second coaching session

October 20 – third coaching session

October 30 – fourth coaching session

November 4 – OBAMA!!

November 6 – fifth coaching session. My grandmother has her first (and last) chemo session

— several visits to buffalo (home of my grandmother), a work trip to paris —

November 26 – my grandmother passes

December 12 – sixth coaching session

December 20 – seventh coaching session

Dec 22 – we close on our condo!

Dec 23 – eighth coaching session

Needless to say, this has been a time where I’ve not been as focused on my coaching and consulting projects as in other points in my life. It has also been a time of great thankfulness, for both the large things like the presence of grandparents in my life for so long and the lessons they taught me, to the “smaller” things – like the compassion, humanity, and understanding of Steve, Derek, and everyone else in my professional life. I certainly could not have made it through these past months without the small pieces of love that have been shared with me by all around me. For that, I thank you all.

Now I have to get back to all of you who have been waiting patiently for me to pick up new clients and projects, and move forward. We have passed an ancestor on to another place, we have a house, and we have been through quite a bit of learning on many many fronts. I’ll gather strength and wisdom where I can, and I wish you all peace and abundant blessings in this holiday season and throughout 2009. May the light of the world shine through you all.

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