Boston MoGlo Music Calendar

I’m trying to find ways of better exposing this  calendar of musical happenings in and around Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville that I think are interesting. I like the term “Modern Global” to describe the music I’m interested in – thanks to Darek Mazzone @ KEXP for pushing this term. To me – it describes a music aware of a wider global context, contemporary, and if I have a choice – fun and danceable. 🙂 So, not all the great music happening around me makes this list, but I think the stuff on here is good – you’ll have a great time if you go to any of these shows – I guarantee. Note that I *do* include stuff I create/promote (Uhuru Afrika + JUMP! for example) on this list – so it is not un-biased.

Click this link to display the calendar.

If you want to share this with folks, please do. Use this short link for ease…

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