Erich Ludwig on Greater Somerville

Last Thursday, I went on Greater Somerville with the neighborhood activist and local media personality Joe Lynch and co-host KyAnn Anderson. It was a fun time, but you can judge for yourself below. Some links below the video (which should appear below, but if not you can go here to watch :: Also, go to the Greater Somerville page and leave a comment. 🙂

Also – one correction – this year is the 50 year anniversary of Mali’s Independence (not 40 as I said on the air – oops, bad math!)!!

LINKS: (Basically, my references for everything I said during the 28 minutes….)

Local artists mentioned in piece:

Local folks who have built the path on the ground on which I walk with my musical work:

Uhuru Afrika’s JUMP! – my newest venture takes place at Oberon ( in Harvard Square, and has featured the following acts so far:

Stay tuned for future JUMP! parties, and much more. Thank YOU for all of your support.

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