Availability, Lizard Brains, Reclaiming Focus, and other random thoughts

Three things have invaded my consciousness sphere over the past few days.

1. This quote [removed from context, but I’ll bring the context back around]: “Hyper-accessibility via blogs, smart phones and social media sites, coupled with chronic under availability (often caused by blogs, smart phones and social media sites)”

2. Seth Godin’s talk on “Quieting the Lizard Brain

3. Ideas for reclaiming focus at work

These all come together for me as I end the summer, and head into the fall. I’ve been struggling to pick up all my work and consulting projects post-vacation, and finding these things has led me to totally overhaul the home work space, prioritize and examine all my work and projects, and start to buckle down on finishing projects. Part of this has been a near complete absence of time spent on social media sites, although I’m finding myself shift to do more on my phone, something I must stop.

So over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting all this into practice. Part of this means that I may not be as available/accessible as I (and you) may be used to, and part of this means that hopefully I’ll be completing a lot more projects. Pulling hard on the plunger, to use Godin’s visual metaphor.

Also, as I sat down to write this post, my buddy Eccodek’s “Spacehall Dub Ambient” came on shuffle. Alignment. I know I’m on the right path here. I still have yet to have a song with words come through the shuffle, so yeah for focus!