I’m super excited to share that I am part of the 2019 cohort of Assembly.

First – the shout-outs.

  • Thank you to Leo Gomez for letting me know about the fellowship and encouraging me to apply.
  • Thank you to Henriette Cramer for the inspiring collegiality around algorithmic and product bias work while I was at Spotify, and for continuing to lead and do such great work in this space.
  • Thank you the D&I and Impact communities at Spotify, and the two amazing women that lead these – Isa Notermans and Kerry Steib – for giving me the space to experiment and learn.

Assembly is a collaboration of the MIT Media Lab and the Berkman Klein Center. The program gathers technologists, managers, policymakers, and other professionals to confront emerging problems related to the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence.

The program runs for fourteen weeks, including a two week ideation process, and a twelve week collaborative development period, when the cohort works in small teams to build implementable projects.

What will I be doing in this program? In my application I wrote:

I thrive in spaces where I can step into new and emerging challenges. As a curious learner and empathic organizer I investigate issues from many sides, then bring new and under-explored considerations to a conversation. Ideally, my work helps move complex problems into solution spaces. As a product manager, project manager and facilitator I enjoy helping define the vision and engaging in the iterative work of building and tracking prototypes. With an Assembly team, I believe my skills would help facilitate, organize, and move the team to action. I would also help the team create a shareable vision for external stakeholders.

I’m really excited to continue digging into the work I’ve done around Inclusive Product Development, Content Moderation, and of course the opportunity to work towards social justice via my chosen profession.

I’m beyond excited to be participating in this program and process, and will share out as often and as much as I can!

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