But Beautiful

I’m settling in to read “But Beautiful” again. Alli gave this to me last year for my birthday, I started it (and loved it), but didn’t make it through. Here goes take two, as birthday rolls around again.

Since it is so intimately tied to music, I wanted to listen as well – either as I read, or in between readings. And now since I have motivation to create some Spotify playlists, I thought I’d do so. I am not the first to do this.

This guy (Jason Boog) made a short playlist.

This guy (Thorsten Funke) made a longer playlist, of all the songs mentioned in the book – it’s pretty great.

I am going to make at least 1, maybe 2.

The first is a collaborative playlist so anyone can help me find this stuff – I’m taking the “Select Discography” section of the book and going to try and add as many of the albums that appear there that are also on Spotify. I’m not checking labels, so if some of this stuff is now Public Domain there may be non-original labels getting the spins, but … that’s for my retirement I guess.

The second playlist would be the “best of” that discography, so will, by defintion, be rather personal.

Anyway, a fun project to go along with a great read.

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